The Falling Poise

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the story of a village boy.
This story explains the boardwalk of a boy born in the village and his lumber of responsibility. (Financially and psychologically).

A Rage of Wage war.

The Falling Poise

This story explains the boardwalk of a boy born in the village and his lumber of responsibility. (Financially and psychologically).

Congo it's a boy.
With his born he spread smiles on his parents face. Every one started to think he'll become strength of character and the path of family name, fame and wealth.
Before calling mom and dad, the infant had the virtual burden of responsibility.

Growing UP.
The boy started to go to the school and was brilliant enough in his studies (first mistake). Every time in school use to get first Rank. (Second mistake). The confidence of parents towards the boy doubled and started appreciation. Up to his higher studies he got equal attention and positive reception. A fear towards family has started because of the believe that his parents put in him.

The Fun and the Risk.
The boy entered the heaven of teenagers. “The COLLEGE”. New crowd of friends with colorful of wearing, jeans and shine. Set of girls with cheery faces and a new inspiration of mood. He thought there is a world too apart from the books and classroom then he started enjoying every moment. (Third mistake).
In this duration he forgot to study and to overcome from the mischief world. At the time of exams the fear surrounded him. All the above three mistakes started a war with him He promptly sat for the studies but the group of his wont let him to study. The time itself was like he could not study even he wish. Anyhow in the results he moderately passed and finished his degree.

The Convocation.
That was the time the words “we'll be in touch always, keep in touch and you'll be remembered always, if possible we'll meet someday” were murmuring. But the truth was that everyone indirectly searching for the future. Girls were howling because they were leaving each other. Really that day was extraordinary.

The future draft.
The energetic boy with full of confidence and encouragement went to metro in search of job. With the blessings of parents and the certificate of qualification he thought he’s going to shortlist in any MNC company. But the metros around India already grazing the unwaged youths. The boy halted to his one of the friend's room who is already working in a n international call center.
Early morning the wage war has been started with the formals, a file of certificates in hand and revolver of confidence in mind. For the first interview itself he got rejected.
Still the level of dignity hadn't decrease, “let's try it tomorrow with the hard performance”. His friend suggested him for the call center, even he told that he'll refer, but the boy want hard core job with the exposure that he had.
He tried for the some more companies, but the crowd and the talent rush hadn't let him to be picked out.
Now the real phase of article started. The confidence level of boy fell down and went to friend and asked for the reference in his call canter. With the reference of his friend the boy visited the venue. In the interview in first round (Self introduction) itself he failed. He has born and bought up in rural place and couldn't able to speak fluent English. The UK, US and AUS shift were playing English-English in his dreams. Again the bunch of confidence has chopped down.
The stick of watch in silent was arising so many questions and the fear of being talent occupying his brain and soul. Being pond tadpole is much different compare to the ocean.
He was feeling lonely even being surrounded with everybody.
The next morning a bit of idea paces his mind and body made him attracted towards a domestic call center, where the regional language is required.
Now the boy is working in a domestic call center with no satisfaction.

……………… is this the destiny? Or
………… fear of being talent? Or
……. being born in Rural place….?

Everyone has a story of their life,
This is the story of falling confidence with the unsatisfied life….


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author avatar Berojgaar News
1st Aug 2013 (#)

Wow noone is layman but lawman. Congo for writing

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Apr 2014 (#)

We get what we deserve - sounds harsh but we all have to start from the bottom unless born with a silver spoon - siva

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