The Soaring Unemployment in America and Possible Solutions

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“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

America's New Normal

We as Americans have been plagued by the escalating problems connected with high unemployment. There has been a barrage of media stories dealing with the plight of the unemployed, but the effort to negate human suffering has been minimal. Despite one's political affiliation, neither party can claim victory in the battle against unemployment. For example, no one knows what the hidden cost of implementing Obama care will be, and how that will negatively affect employment growth. Further, one can argue that any legislation that consist of twenty seven hundred pages, is going to be daunting for those left to execute the policy. In particular, the federal bureaucracy is the least preferred to assume such an arduous task. We are sixteen trillion dollars in debt and counting. The arrogance of these politicians who may be inclined to think that this initiative will be most beneficial to us in the long-term.

The Story Unfolds

It has been confirmed by empirical evidence that politicians do not offer any viable solutions to wield a blow to soaring unemployment. What is left for Americans to do now? We must draw upon our creativity by thinking outside of the box to manufacture those opportunities that may not otherwise exist. An article presented by eBay Guides contained some good suggestions for pick-up truck owners: (1) Offer your truck to haul supplies at building supply and hardware stores. (2) Deliver stuff like sand, sawdust, and gravel that the customer may need hauled. You can negotiate to do this alone or with the customer's assistance. (3) What about providing a mail delivery service? Some small businesses would be prime candidates for this type of service. A small enterprise might be challenged to cover your expenses alone, but if you target several businesses in a mall complex they could join forces to pay you. This list was not intended to be exhaustive, but is only limited by one's imagination. This country was founded upon hard work and determination, but respect for the work ethic seems to be vanishing.

Youth Employment

The summer is rapidly approaching and that translate into youth all across the country searching for youth jobs. Among all of the various groups, our nations most vulnerable have been impacted the most. It is recommended that all of you technical savvy individuals harness your skills and make them work for you. While most of you view the social media as a platform to communicate with your friends, its potential far exceeds that. For instance, there are companies who will compensate you to tweet promotional ads for them and address other concerns the customer may have. Some social media managers make in excess of forty thousand dollars per year. Also, those of you that are passionate about something and have a knack for words - there are some opportunities in the writing profession. In fact, the demand for good writers have increased since Google changed their algorithm. The shift has focused attention on fresh unique content to increase your page rankings. What about those of you who are considering pursuing a writing career? Perhaps a degree in English, journalism, or even communications would be beneficial. Moreover, our public education system has failed us and as long as it continues to graduate people who are illiterate, there will always be a demand for writers. Finally, let today represent the beginning of the rest of your life and draw upon your inner strength and faith to combat tomorrow's challenges.


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