The Ultimate Promotion Is One You Do Yourself

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We all must promote ourselves ultimately with our own initiative and self-work. We must evolve ourselves from needing a job, to being and thinking for ourselves in entrepeneurial ways. This article and its sections is a sort of primer for that.

It all starts with our basic way of thinking and ends in our most complex of actions

Initiative. We all must have initiative if we really want to get anywhere in our own genuine estimation. Nobody is going to do it for us and if we expect it to genuinely be done for us, it will be done to us when we get genuinely passed up as we can tell by the "normal get a secure job" thinking and actions. Reality goes to the person who has genuine initiative, the fantasy is that, we have security without the risk of any initiative.

If I could tell you one thing to genuinely start off here, I can tell you to get your own goals and objectives from scratch and initiate them with full realistic thinking, action and self-fulfillment. I put the word "self" in itatlics to make a drastic and powerful point. All genuine promotion and good work comes from yourself. No matter how we want it to be forced, it can never be forced. All good and great work comes from our initiative. In short, to create a winner, we must be one first from within.

Incidentally, I read this book by an author named Bert R. Mandlebaum called "The Win Within" which basically spells out the same advice I am giving here in this short article, although it is athletically slanted. If the idea is fleshed out to broader applications, it can apply to anything including life and jobs. But he has a similar message: Winners are made through their genuine initiative, and not through money amounts or job security.

Realisitically, I can say this.

Our initiative is our passport to greatness. Without it, life is just a chore and a job, with a lily in the hands at the end a few feet underground as the real retirement for our physical bodies. Genuine spiritual riches come from initiative and strength of character. Without that strength of character, life as I said is just something we invest in and get nothing out of in the end.

Winning starts with beginning, sure. But all greatness is follow through and genuine investment of emotions, thoughts and productive actions. Sure, you can come up with ideas, but the follow through is the most powerful evidence of their soundness, goodness or greatness. "What the mind can rationally conceive and believe it can achieve" to paraphrase Napoleon Hill and Ayn Rand, sure. But note how I use the word "can" instead of "will" because until there is follow through, there is not any fulfilled idea.

The best ideas, no matter how many temporary failures are followed through and perfected upon until they work really and uniformly well. The worst ideas are just the best ideas that are not taken the time for development on, and luck or trial and error is depended on too much to "push them through". Why do you think Nikola Tesla will be remembered greater than Thomas Alva Edison in some ways? I did not say all ways, but some ways, because, although Edison had truer sounding quotes about "ninety eight percent perspiration and two percent inspiration" and "failure is just success in work clothes ultimately". The credit for lasers, robotics, radio and television will go to him because of what I am saying about the best ideas being the seemingly worst at first only perfected through genuine understanding of principles instead of luck, trial and error. I do this not exactly to "right a wrong of history", but to make a point Socrates once made, and I sort of paraphrase in my own words: With all your getting, get understanding of principles, that is the core of where the power for achievement is.

Sure, it is one thing to get a "lucky break", but to achieve through an understanding of principles is entirely another more certain and powerful way to genuinely achieve.

The Good Life is dependent on this reality:

We must realize that we are in the driver's seat, yet even if we do not like the rules of the road, we must drive properly. Being unsafe in reality is a bad way to live, but being realistically safe and getting where we want to go is the best way to live.

What I am essentially saying in the above is this: We must do what we need to do according to our desired ends, even if we sometimes feel too lazy to do it, and want to cut corners at times. Life is a road of activity, not a road of avoidance and cheating.

Look, right now, I am thinking of this Adam Sandler movie called "Click" and I am sure there are many people who would like a "remote control" like that to skip all of the "bad parts" of life. Well, I was one of the few who did not at all like that idea, because my rationale is that without all the whole thing making the reality up, we avoid it all really, and when we realize what we skipped and cheated, we realize that we have cheated ourselves of all realistic lessons needed to really win in existence.

Look, recently also, I also heard what the word Bible was an acronym for from a few people: "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Existence" or "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth". When "the authorities" and Churches take books out and hide reality, if you have ever thought of this in this way: The "editors" and censors are actually hiding and cheating us of reality in the same way the movie I have just mentioned "Click" cheats people of real-life lessons and realities needed for genuine growth. Sure, they may think that they are doing people a favor by hiding needed realities no matter how "greusome", but they are also cheating people out of their needed lessons for their genuine benefits and understandings in every realm that counts.

Back to the subject totally though: The good life is dependent on the purest and most honest reality that works in all things. If it is diluted or censored, no matter how undesirable or unlikeable the reality seems to be, the lesson will not be learned and in fact it will be learned in an even harder way.

So, the good life is not hiding from life, it is totally embracing it in full reality. That's all. You may or may not like it, but that is what it is.


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22nd Jan 2015 (#)

I coudn't agree more! Nobody is going to do it for us - excellent!

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