The top 5 nursing floors in the hospital that nurses should avoid

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There are places in the hospital that is just too hard and here are some. You can avoid them as they're so hard and if you like an easier floor then do so

Difficult floors


The ER is for those that are very experienced and know their material well and can think on their feet. You have to be fast and quick and know what you're doing. You have to have good skills in nursing cause you will be performing a lot of things down there. If you don't like stress then this is not for you. It's also a very fast paced floor so you don't have a lot of time to think or to work but you have to move fast to save their lives.


If you think getting into their veins are easy then think again. Most of the time, you will not even be able to hold them down until you get three nurses in there. They cry and they jump all over the place and they pull everything out. You have to keep putting in your stuff over and over again. They will not let you do anything and they cry so if you don't like baby crying loud then this is not for you. I don't know who will love the ER, but unless you're super smart you might want to choose a slower floor that will enabled you some rest.


This is where all the five hundred pounds patients go. They're heavy and they can't move so you will be doing a lot of lifting. Yes, this is one of the most difficult floor that there is on the hospital. They got lots of meds and lots of procedures so this is hard. But there are work when they have many needs.

More hard floors


Why would the ICU be easy? After all they have lots of problems and they need to be monitor closely and anything that is not going well, it will reflect your efforts. It's a highly intense area, very stressful so you do have to be careful regarding working with them. You might not have many patients but your patients are unconscious so you do need to give all of your attention to them all the time. They have more meds and more medical procedures than patients who are recovering and not to mention you have to clean them up all by yourself and it's hard when they weight six hundred pounds.


Why is Oncology hard? Well, there are so much work to do. It's not easy to take care of cancer patients. They're dying and depressed and the family will just not like you for anything that you do. Oncology is a very difficult floor. Cancer patients have so much meds and medical procedures. You will have a hard time taking care of them and you're busy all day long plus they complain and have temper problems most of the time. They kick you out of their room and they will not talk to you. So it's intensely stressful to work in the Oncology department but if you like helping cancer patients you might survive.


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