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Setting up and organizing a retail thrifting business from home.

Selling Thrift Items For Profit

Many people have a garage, shed or room full of old treasures that have been collected over the years, but have out lived their useful life at your home.
Items that you do not want to donate, and feel that the item may have some monetary value to it, I suggest thrift selling.
I have had some success over the years selling old items at yard sales, flea markets and online auctions.
I generally start by categorizing, inventorying and pricing my sellable items. If you are not sure how to price an item, go online to Ebay, Etsy, or Craigslist, and compare your item to similar items for sale to find an appropriate price. There is always room to negotiate with buyers if you need to.
I then find an area in my home where I can set up and organize my items for easy access. Shelves, plastic totes, cardboard boxes etc...
It is important if you are going to be selling at yard sales and flea markets to invest in fold up tables, for an easy setup. If you can afford a canopy, they work well for protecting your items for sale from the elements. A folding chair and a cooler can be convenient for refreshments and lunch for long days spent outdoors.
Department Stores and Dollar stores also carry colored round stickers for easy pricing or paper and string tags. A good black magic marker and sharpie are invaluable for making cardboard box signs or flyers to post about the neighborhood and a petty cash box or belted nylon pouch can be handy to keep your money in to make change for customers.
If you are setting up a small thrift store, in your shed, on your patio, or you have another location in mind, try to make your presentation of products for sale, appealing to the eye, so the customer can see that item in their home, garage, or yard. Clothing, shoes and accessories should be hung on racks or nicely folded, sized and color coded to the best of your ability. People or more likely to buy from you if your items are clean and appear gently used.
If you are planning to sell items at online auction sites, be prepared to have a computer, ink and paper, for billing, invoicing and shipping labels.
Research all shipping methods, and choose which service you prefer to use and where you would like to ship it to (National or International).
If you do not have these items already, you might like to purchase shipping containers that suit the size and weight of your articles to be shipped, a postal scale, tape, box cutters, scissors, paper cutter and bubble wrap for preparing your sellable items for shipment..
If you plan on making this a business venture for yourself, there are several niche, and specialty items you can sell also, including,music cd's, dvd movies, books, knick knacks,jewelry, art, crafts, electronics ,clothes, accessories, etc...
You can refurbish your store by buying at online auctions, yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, estate sales, and thrift stores.
Having your own retail business, can be fun, profitable and challenging. Good luck!


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author avatar Marcus Writes
13th Nov 2015 (#)

Sounds interesting. In my hometown, I usually go to garage sales along the neighborhood and get a good item at an affordable rate

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author avatar SherryeB
15th Nov 2015 (#)

I figure if I am looking for bargains someone else might like the savings passed on to them.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Nov 2015 (#)

Keeping the costs to the minimum is the challenge as every cent counts for the buyer looking for a bargain.

Thanks SherryeB for the comprehensive tips - siva

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author avatar Dydy
18th Nov 2015 (#)

great! Thanx for sharing. 😃

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
20th Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting topic to discuss, thanks pal..

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author avatar Ken5-89
10th Dec 2015 (#)

Clothes would be a good option for parents. I have younger siblings, and they have clothes they have outgrown. I am thinking about buying those clothes and selling at a flea market downtown in my city. I wanted to start a thrift store, but this would be a good alternative.

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