Tip to Management/ Human Resources - 7 effective ways to retain employees

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There is stiff competiton among the companies to retain their employees. It is very common for an employee to leave their employer company and join a rival organization. It is essential for management as well as the Human resources to develops various methods & ways to retain their employees. If you are a Management or a part of the Human Resources Department, then you must certainly try these incredible techniques for retention of employees and see the difference!

Birthday celebrations

HR usually organizes birthday parties of all the employees. On the birthday of an employee, the company would provide the employee with a personalized greeting card. In the evening, snacks would be served to all the employees followed by cutting of cake. The company may also give gift to the employee on birthday.

Friday contests

HR would send e mail contests to all the employees. Employees are required to participate in the contests and win exciting gifts.


A traditional method to reward the employee is through awards. The HR would give awards (based on the nomination from reporting managers) to the employees. Awards are individual performance as well as even for team performance. The awards make the people realize their potential and they work harder to earn the awards and rewards.


This is also a traditional method, wherein the salary of all the employees (irrespective of performance) would be increased at a particular rate. This is in addition to the normal increment. These techniques are usually adopted to ensure that employees do not leave the company in between the performance period.

Marriage gift

In case an employee gets married during the period of employment, the company would give gift coupons to the employee. However, if the employee marries another employee of the same company, then the company in addition to providing gift coupons would also sponsor their honey moon trip. This would ensure that the employee stays in the company for a longer duration. Eventually, the employee would love the company because the love of his/ her life is also working in the same company.

Work from home

Many companies have the policy that the employee can work from home for a specified period of time, such as 5 days in a month, etc. This encourages the employee to stay within the company despite various lucrative job offers on hand. The employees can manager their personal work at home and as well as work from home.

Flexible hours

Many companies have introduced the flexible hours option to lure their employees. Under such a policy, an employee can come to office any time between 8 AM to 10 AM. The employees have to put minimum of 9 hours work and then they can leave any where between 5 PM to 7 PM depending upon at what time they came to office.

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