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How to get a job even despite the current economic climate.

Here are your tips!

If you’ve recently lost your job, or have never even been able to get a job, then you will no doubt understand just how frustrating it can be if you have so much to offer yet nobody is giving you a chance. This article will help you to think about ways that you could find a job quicker than you are at the moment.

You have to bear in mind that the current economic climate is making things difficult for everybody; however there are certain things that you could do in order to improve the situation for yourself.

Update your CV. A lot of us have had the same style of CV since we were at school, and this just might not be good enough for us anymore. Make a list of everything that you’ve achieved, and then take this list to your local job centre. They should be able to help you fit this list of achievements into a CV that will flaunt your best bits and allow you to stand out to any potential employers when they’re reading through your CV.

Write separate cover letters. It’s all very well having a good CV, however it’s important that your cover letter matches up to this. If you use a generic one, employers will know that you’re applying for a long list of jobs, whereas if you use a different one for each company including their company name at some point then they’ll know that you’re looking at their company rather than just looking for a job.

Look at your qualifications. If all that you have are GCSEs, then it might be time to look at getting some more things under your belt. Most local colleges offer cheap (free if you meet certain requirements) courses for things such as languages, first aid, and many other things which might mean that you have something extra to offer a role if a company choose to offer it to you. Remember that even if a course costs a few hundred pounds, it might be worth spending that money if it means that you’re going to be able to get a job out of it. It’s much better than being unemployed forever.

Volunteer. Being in any active position whether paid or otherwise is a help when applying for work. If there is a charity shop near you, then this is an ideal opportunity for you to be able to get some retail experience that you’re not going to be turned away from.

Don’t give up. It might seem easy to just sit back and live off your benefits, but just remember about how much better your life’s going to be when you manage to get that dream job of yours.

Don’t be too picky. If there are jobs available at your local supermarket then just go for them. It always looks better to have jobs on your CV, no matter what those jobs are, so make sure that you make the most of any possible chances that are available to you.

If you take these tips into consideration, you should find that you stand out from the crowd a little bit more. In this day and age, every little thing that you can do in order to stand out from other applicants is worth doing.


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author avatar Lynn P.
22nd Feb 2012 (#)

Finding work is very hard, and sometimes, until a great job comes along, it pays to make your own job by freelancing, caregiving, performing yard maintenance or shopping services for people. Thank you for the article. The abbreviations for us Americans are a bit confusing, but the meaning still carries.

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author avatar ittech
23rd Feb 2012 (#)

Great share, thank you.

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