Ways to Achieve High Performance

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"As develop the competencies of our students, our performance as teachers must be at its best."

Ways to Achieve HIgh Performance

As teachers who are the prime instruments in putting the curriculum into reality, we want to be at our best in terms of how we perform our varied responsibilities. We are in this field which I can say not a profession but a vocation because we dedicate ourselves to the call of being the molders of the total personality of the learners.

Since we want to perform at our best, what are we going to do in order to achieve our objective - to give the best performance?

There are several ways that we, as teachers, can do to achieve high performance. These are:

1. Care about your job – As teachers, we need to love what we are doing, to know the reason why we are there in the teaching-learning environment; to be fervent and interested in everything we do pertaining to our work. It will be easy for us to do our tasks if we are interested on what we are doing and we put our hearts on it.

2. Take responsibility – As teachers, we are given responsibilities. With this, it is imperative to accept the responsibility given to us instead of trying to reject it. Remember the reason behind in giving us that responsibility is that the person/s, let say our superior, believe/s in our capability. So instead of complaining, accept it and deal it with zest.

3. Ask for help – We don’t know everything under the sun. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if we ask for some help or assistance from others. It is not a sign of weakness on our part but a way of obtaining strength. For that reason, we need to take advantage of those persons whom we can count on for their knowledge, views, opinions and pieces of advice. Likewise, we need one another in our quest for knowledge and success.

4. Think before you act – As teachers, we need to think first, analyze anything, weigh every aspects before we take action. This is very important if there is an obligation given to you or an idea that asks for some results. If we will first think before we act, definitely we will avoid negative results; we will not be sorry for whatever we did.

5. Be a team worker – As teachers, we need to lead the group. Let us have our initiative. Don’t wait others to push us. As we direct/guide our class, let’s make it to a point that we can also be forerunners for the benefit of the whole educational system. We have to share our knowledge, ideas, information and even skills to others because if we will do this, we will learn from them, too.

6. Be positive – In everything we do, we have to be optimistic. Even when something negative happens to us, let us take that negative thing positively and we will profit from it. Anyway, nobody is perfect and we are always vulnerable to such failures/disappointments. We should not practice crying over spilled milk, what we need to do is to face the music.

7. Keep your leisure time active - Everyday is strenuous to working individuals like us, teachers. Therefore, we should have a leisure time in order to resist that hectic day. Leisure time that will make us refreshed and active should be taken into consideration. Singing songs or humming a tune after the working day, gardening every weekend, watching movies together with the entire family, a lunch or dinner date with the family members or friends, watching concerts or shows, window shopping, listening to our favorite cd or tapes are some of the recreational activities that will make us, teachers, energetic.

Teachers, are we eager now to give our best performance?


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Oct 2014 (#)

The expectations from teachers have also gone up with increasing educational levels of parents especially that of mothers. To maintain the interest of students have become harder with modern gadgets making their attention span shorter - siva

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author avatar Grace Saliendra
6th Nov 2014 (#)

i agree with you, Siva... thanks a lot.

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author avatar Carlos Andam
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Nice article and congrats for joining wikinut! write some more….

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author avatar Grace Saliendra
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Doc Andam, thank you for inspiring and pushing me to have this...

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