What Do You Want to Be When you Grow Up?

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My struggle to find happiness with a career. The challenges and trials over the last 10 years on the journey to find my passion... and make it work!

What are You Good at?

This question has been posed to me so many times in the last few years. Helpful friends and family have suggested to me to 'write a list' of what I'm good at... then I could use that information to find my dream job.

I was an honour student in high school.
Dean's list in university.
I have 2 degrees.
I play competitive sports
I am the team rep for 2 different teams
I host international students.
I have a business as a painter (abstract acrylic)
I am good with people.
I volunteer
I am the Vice President of Women's Soccer in my community.
I am organized and effecient.
I am good at math.

The point is, I have many skills and talents. I could list on and on the attributes I possess. And it doesn't help direct me... I have too many interests and talents.

What do you Dislike?

I have also made a list of things I am not good at or don't enjoy to balance that out. I have tried a number of jobs that might help guide me...and I all I have is a list of things I don't want to do.

Banking- people get upset about their money, I didn't enjoy the emotional side of banking. As well, there were times in the day that were incredibly stagnant.

Flower Shop- deliveries in cold weather, fielding complaints. Minimum wage! With 2 degrees, hard to take. No benefits and no room for growth as an employee

Rec Centre- running children's camps. Exhausting work for not enough pay. Parents are very demanding as well. Even having a qualified teacher as their camp leader.

Pub Waitress- I do really enjoy this, however, the shifts that make money are nights and I don't want to spend my life working nights. On my feet!

Hotel Chambermaid- This probably requires no explanation

Teacher- the politics and stress was unbearable at times. The large class sizes and behaviour problems in schools was too much for me to take. I taught professionally for 7 years.

Receptionist- too mundane. minimum wage. nothing to aspire too.

Professional Artist- hard to market myself, weak sales skills and don't want to sell. Want to be discovered.

Home based Business- don't let anyone fool you, these take a lot of work. After 2 years, I was only earning $1000/month tops.

Field Marketing- heavy labourous work. moving product, drawing crowds in. Not good pay either.

This is a sampling of my jobs in the last 3 years only! Lots to check off the list...

So How do you Find your Career?

This is the perpetual question for me. I keep trying new things. I am open to suggestions. I crave job satisfaction. I want to be excited about something. I envy those people who love what they do and feel as though they were 'born to do it'.

I hope to find the answers! The challenge for me is to enjoy the journey in the meantime. Keep open minded and keep my eyes peeled!


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I have my Education Degree with a major in Fine Arts. As a teacher, I love and beleive in the value and power of writing.

I will be writing about death, divorce, family, travel, dating, hosting students, diabetes, health, and education.

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author avatar Jojay
5th Jan 2012 (#)

Very interesting article! I'm one of the lucky ones in that I knew that I always wanted to be a writer. Well, that and an actor. (The actress part 'bit the dust' when I realized just what being a professional actor involved and even if you're lucky enough to get roles, when the play is over, it's (so) over. Unlike the writer who has something tangible (a script, a book, an article) to show where's been. I really like you talking about your jobs. All jobs that take you away from 'following your bliss' stink. But most of us have to 'pay for the privilege to write' and that translates into doing jobs we're over-qualified to do. My worst jobs were process server, waitress, fry cook,temp office, secretary for farm paper unit, and working on a farm. (cooking and cleaning).
You'll find the answers---in fact I think you already have and don't know it. You're a writer, girl!

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author avatar Write on
5th Jan 2012 (#)

Thanks, Jojay!

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author avatar ppruel
26th Jan 2012 (#)

There is a saying said, "No man learns everything - he should choose a style that match his ability and concentrate on that."

Thank you for sharing your thought here my friend.

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author avatar Retired
31st Jan 2012 (#)

I always wanted to be a vet when I was a kid. :) x

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