What You Should Do If You Don't Want to Retire!

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Have you reached an age where you have to retire your job? What will your family live on if you cannot earn income? Here are some reasons why one shouldn't retire. Please read and enjoy!

What You Should Do If You Don't Want to Retire!

One day or the other, everyone has to retire when they reach old age. Retiring is treated like a goal in life. Many of us are scared that when we retire, will we be able to retire with lots of money? Of course, the old age can do anything during the day without going to work anymore whether they visit their grandchildren or like sleeping all day.

Below are some reasons why someone might not want to retire their job.

1) You could be enjoying the work that you are doing. It could be that the job you are undertaking is giving you all the respect you can have or it is a job that is fun to do. If so, retiring would be a bad mistake.

2) It is possible that you might be urgently needed for the job. Even though there could be other worker around, you might be one of the most important ones of all.

3) Retiring will stop you from making income. Do you have enough income to stop working? If not then it would be a good idea to continue working. During the present days, there are opportunities to work from home by writing articles or starting an online business. You might consider these for income after retirement.

4) You can maintain your healthcare coverage if you wait until 65 to retire. These days, couples will need hundreds of dollars to cover their basic medical costs.

5) By retiring, you risk your health by an increase in illnesses and making it difficult for performing daily activities. By working, it helps keep your body active and the joints flexible.

6) It is possible that by retiring your job, you might risk your own life because of the time that you will be spending without any more income. It is true that you get old age pensions. My father receives income support and so on but they are not life saving. He tries his best to find the money along with the help of his sons like me; he manages to pay off the bills every month. However, we all struggle with money. Prices that are rising every time mean more spending. A chocolate bar was 30p a few years ago, but now they are over 50p and are still rising. My point here is that due to the economy crisis, old age pensions are not going to solve all money problems.

I hope you enjoyed this article. By retiring you know what could be the problems you might be risking. If you are stuck in a job that is like a nightmare for you, I hope you find a way to solve this problem. A lot of people might like to retire because of the jobs they cannot handle.

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Retirement will not stop one's enthusiasm and efforts. Great share

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