What is it like to be a librarian?

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Discusses the librarian profession and the requirements to become a librarian.

There are many myths about librarians.

To many think of the public librarians as older women wearing glasses who push carts around the book shelves. They are always grumpy and telling people to be quiet .Some think of them as young girls snapping their bubble gum and reading books at the circulation desk. Like many stereotypes, there may be a speck of truth in these ideas, however most librarians are extensively trained professionals with a large number of duties to keep them fully occupied. Most librarians are devoted to public service.

A Librarian is a information source.

Librarians are important for keeping the public informed. In today's growing and changing society information is more valuable than ever. Librarians instruct users how to access news, research, and other important information. Libraries provide a place where the under privileged can go to access free newspapers and online news sources. Librarians are the gatekeepers to this information and resource access. Librarians are able to teach users how to access professional and scholastic databases.

A Librarian is a teacher.

Library patrons need to be shown how to find the information they need. Generally this includes instructing patrons who have never used a computer the basics of how to get on a web site and how to search the library online catalog. Users need assistance in formatting their searches to find information to meet their needs.

Students need to be trained how to use citations. They also need an grasp of breach of copyright so they do not commit plagiarism. In today's copy, and paste society it is very easy for accidental plagiarism to happen. Commonly used programs such as word processing are constantly being improved and librarians need to keep their patrons up to date on these adjustments.

Public K-12 schools have specialized librarians called media specialist. A media specialist works with the teachers in support of their instruction and takes an active part in the class work. Librarians perform a vital service by providing reading programs that give children a head start for school. Under the guise of games and fun librarians provide exposure for underprivileged children to the world of learning. Librarians also help older users learn how to read and add to lifelong learning opportunities for all users.

A Librarian is a researcher.

Librarians do study to keep themselves up to date on the expanding trends and paradigm in the library profession. Librarians go to continuing education classes to keep up with the advances in technology. They need to understand the changes in computers and the software libraries use to provide the expertise needed to help their visitors. Librarians classify, sort, organize and help people find information. This information is complied in the library catalog and used by patrons to find information.

Librarians work in many places.

Large businesses have librarians, Universities have librarians and public libraries have librarians. Each work environment requires different skills and education. In a business a librarian would be called a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and be responsible for all files and records created by the business. In Universities librarians help professors and students search for the latest information in the areas they are specializing in. Librarians surf the internet and read newspaper reviews to keep up to date on new books and information resources for library use. Librarians have to deal with modest funds getting smaller every year and need to evaluate costs on information and entertainment items to make thoughtful acquisitions for their facilities .

Requirements to be a Librarian.

It is a general misconception that any person can be a librarian. Principles laid down , by the American Library Association delineate that professional librarians must possess a Masters degree from a education program that has passed ALA certification standards. Only select universities offer this accredited degree, as of 2010 a total of 62 programs are offered within the United States and Canada. Many programs are now offered completely online. There is no particular Bachelors degree required to enter a graduate Library Program but an ability to communicate efficiently is valuable in the library profession.

The job market for professional librarians is like so many other professions, changeable Many retirement age librarians are departing the labor force while many students are entering the discipline from graduate school. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook Online, 2010-2011, potential job prospects are favorable The normal starting pay for a just starting out librarian is between $40,000 and $47,000 depending on employee skill the type and size of the employing library. The library profession is a great field for those looking for a future.


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author avatar Jerry Walch
10th Dec 2010 (#)

Beautiful work Barbara. Librarians are seldom appreciated they way they deserve to be. Your article will be real eye opener for many who read it. I'm putting this one on my Facebook wall and Tweeting it as well.

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author avatar Barbara10Broek
10th Dec 2010 (#)

Thank you Jerry!

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author avatar Denise O
10th Dec 2010 (#)

I agree with all that Jerry has written. I have a lot of respect for those in your profession.
Thumbs up and if twitter will behave and allow me access, I will tweet.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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