When Boredom Attacks At Your Workplace

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Boredom is such an immortal enemy of a working person especially when the idea of being unproductive comes along the way. Hope this boredom article will help boost your working relationship with your co-workers, and help find your job more interesting

Combatting Boredom At Work

Boredom has been my biggest attacker when I am in the middle of my office works. It usually crawls from my toes to the top of my head until I get suffocated by its claws. So, for remedies, which can be applicable to anyone at any circumstances, I formulated the following, not quite the solutions but at least they can soothe you while still finding any formula to wipe out boredom syndrome.

Play mind games on your computer. My boss told that it’s okay to play brain teasing games while inside our cubicles. So playing becomes a habit. Or even worse than that, even the boss seemed to be not existing at all when I once became engrossed by the game. Well, playing the same was empowered by his superior permission that enjoying it is worth the compensated hours. Voila!

Talk to the boss about his interests. When you don’t want to work on your reports and beat the deadline then get a chance to approach your superior and open up with things he or she is eager to talk about. However, before you engage yourself with anything with the big man or woman, be sure that he or she is in the brightest mood. Otherwise, you might end up being “expelled”.

Invite everyone to have a 3:00 PM habit. My office mates and I made a habit to have tea or coffee break at 3:00 PM every office day. We consume at least an hour for that to cure our daily boredom. Our superiors get involve, of course. The superiors are accommodated gracefully for the sake of the “tea or coffee party”. It is being ensured that they get VIP treatments. At the same ti me, we make sure the bosses are having so much fun to add savor to our so-called freedom for less tension to our compensated party.

Write to your blog or journal. I always avoided the thought of writing, of filling the blank entries in my online journals. Now, I realize I have wasted so much time of not spilling all the thoughts I have, all the yummy ideas I neglected to burst out. There is so much fun in writing, so much gratification by the time you opened up yourself to the world of literary. You become free, at least you have acquired a free outlet for your never ending worries and mental tortures. It is all about having a private counselor, by yourself. So grab your keyboard and spill it out till your fingers surrender. Just pretend you are writing your reports when the boss goes around for workplace check up.

Manage your work area/cubicle. Try to fit everything to suitable places, your files, you paper clips, fasteners, etc. Clean everything. Get rid of unwanted files. Rearrange your filing boxes and computer set. Reorganize your filing system if needed. Also, take time managing your computer files, it would easy to track down documents when your have your own filing system, saves you time when you get into hasty situations.

At the end, it’s worth it, really. Have fun!


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author avatar Googlefu
22nd Jun 2011 (#)

Boredom can be so infectious..

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author avatar Songbird B
22nd Jun 2011 (#)

Some great ideas here, Olyra
Boredom can be a real killer at times..A good share my friend..

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author avatar Olay
23rd Jun 2011 (#)

thumbs up! hope to read more.

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