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When you are working in a job for an employer you feel secure as there is an assured sum of money you earn by the end of the month. But in case you are not the type of person who is looking for a secure job but one that gives you challenges everyday you will soon feel frustrated in a job.

You could then look for an alternative assignment that gives you satisfaction in what you do as well as give you as much money as you wish to earn.

So on one hand you have the option of continuing in a secure job that pays you an assured income and on the other you have relatively less secure assignment which assures you as much income as you desire. It is no doubt a difficult choice for any youngster. In case you opt for the first you are going to lead a very peaceful life as long as you are in employment cutting corners time and again on you're spending as your income is limited. On the contrary the second option is not as rosy as it seems upfront but gives you the liberty to spend a little more freely as you set your targets and achieve the income commensurate with your spending.

When you are in a job you are sure of a pensionable income along with some retirement benefits. As an entrepreneur you have to make provision for the same. Professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Doctors and Attorneys are all entrepreneurs in a sense as they provide services for their clients from day one of setting up their practice. In any entrepreneurial venture in the initial stages there is one thing that is common there will be very little income while the expenditure will be never ending. As the time advances there will be a balance that is struck between the income and the expenditure. Soon before you realize, in case you have given your 100% PLUS in all you are expected to do and beyond, you will be earning so much that in the end you really need not worry about a pensionable income or any such retirement benefits.

So if you choose the first option you are sure of a drizzle throughout your life. In case you chose the second option you will have drought followed by rains.


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author avatar j.m. raymond
4th Aug 2010 (#)

"earning so much ... you really need not worry about a pensionable income or any such retirement benefits"

I would be hesitant to make such an all encompassing statement such as that. It has been my experience, that sometimes, despite all the concerted effort and the best intentions, sometimes a bit of luck is required as well; especially since roughly 80% of business start ups fail in the first five years.

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author avatar smoothoperator
4th Aug 2010 (#)

I see your view point. Thanks for the comment.

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