Where to invest in 2013

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Investing money is a big thing in the 21st century especially in the times of recession all over the world. Here are some best and recommended ways to invest in 2013.

Where to invest in 2013

1. Before investing make sure that you diversify the amount of money you have saved for investing. Then divide it into 3-4 segments in which you will be investing depending on the interest rate, risks associated with the investment and the returns.

2. Certificate deposits which are also known as fixed deposits are considered to be most secure among the masses as there is 1% risk if any in investing money in CD's. So its recommended that you can invest you money in CD's and get interest ranging from 8-10% depending on the terms and conditions of the bank you from which you are buying the CD.

3. Mutual funds are also a good way to invest you money and most important thing is that the amount of money received is fluctuating as the rates vary with the value of currencies in the market.

4. You can invest money in buying house but need to be patient as many a times you can land buying the property at the wrong place because later it can give you less or no profits. So make sure you invest in house after a lot of research and safety. You can make money by renting your house at the right prices and increasing the rates with time.

5. You can even buy gold, gold coins if you are having a good financial stability as gold prices are increasing at a good speed and you can also get good returns in future. Metals really have a great impact on the investment factors.

6. Finally, investment should be done with much planning and care so that you don't end up in loss and can make good use of your money saved and invested.


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author avatar Oscar Crawford Media
15th Jul 2013 (#)

Renewable energy sources, medical technology, and water are things you might consider.

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author avatar SmartGirl
16th Jul 2013 (#)

Yeah.. Very true.. good thinking. ^_^

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
16th Jul 2013 (#)

I find my biggest investment is actually my home.

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author avatar SmartGirl
28th Jul 2013 (#)

Yes. Investment in property is a good idea..

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author avatar Rose*
20th Nov 2013 (#)

It's worth putting a few dollars into bitcoin - say $500 - just in case it turns out to be something big

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author avatar SmartGirl
25th Dec 2013 (#)

Nice one. Merry Christmas!

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