Why Employees Quit?

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An employee quit and joins number of jobs in the entire career. This article throws light on some of the reasons which forces an employee to leave the job and the organization and opt for a new one.

Why Employees Quit?

Getting the first job is like a dream come true. After investing a large amount of money and time on getting educated for years together, a person expects to get the best job which gives him maximum returns for the time and money investment in the past. Job is undoubtedly a key requirement for surviving in this world. It caters to two major needs:
a. Financial: Getting a job gives financial freedom and also lets you make your own financial decisions without anyone’s interference.
b. Social: It gives you an identity of being self dependent. Moreover, people around you start respecting you as a capable self-dependent person.
A person does not take up a job with the intention of quitting it. Rather the circumstances make him quit a particular job and join a new one. Some of the reason why an employee quits the job is as follows:
1. Work and Family imbalance: There are many family reasons due to which employees have to quit their jobs. If we talk about men, these reasons can be relocation to an unwanted city or not getting relocated to a desired location where his family members stay so that he can take good care of them. Now a day’s, in contrast to earlier times, the reason for quitting the job for the sake of taking care of children also stands true for many men, where the wife earns much more than husbands. In case of women, in spite of having dreams for career advancements, sometimes, they have to quit a job for family sake and the probability is much more than men. They are expected to leave their jobs or spend less time on job on the grounds of getting married, motherhood, taking care of the old members of the family, husbands getting relocated in his job, someone ill in the family or maintaining good relationship with children by spending time with them. Now a day’s women contribute equally in family income, nevertheless they are the one who have to compromise.
2. For Career Advancements: Lack of career advancement proves to be one of the many reasons for quitting a job. Employees quit their job if they start realizing that their skills are not getting developed further due to lack of training provided. They quit when they feel that their learning cycle has stopped and their career has come to a standstill where they are not getting further opportunities to enhance their skills and talent by the way of training. The generally quit their jobs to get sufficient further training in the desired field by undergoing relevant courses and also try to join those organization which provide adequate on and off job training to their employees so that their leaning cycle does not stops.
3. Insufficient Compensation: Compensation is a very important element for quitting one job and switching to another by an employee. One of the major motivations for a person to take up a job is financial freedom through adequate salary and benefits. When employees’ starts feeling that they are poorly paid, their salary is less and the appraisals are not adequate in comparison to competitor organizations for the same profile in the market, they raise their concern. If their concerns are not taken care of, they feel the ultimate resort is quitting a job and looking out for a new job with a competitive salary.
4. Educational Advancements: Many a times employees are satisfied with the organization with which they are working but they feel that if they would have been more educated and have an extra degree, the chances of getting higher salary and designation are more. Therefore, they give a break to their career and look out for some reputed and relevant courses for enhancing their skills. For example, many employees leave their jobs to pursue MBA or MS degree for upgrading their resume and to get highly paid jobs and designation in future.
5. Authoritative Bosses: Sometimes, for an employee all the factors are satisfactory but the reason which forces to leave a job is the boss who is authoritative and tyrant. We all know that when the boss works like a dictator, employees do not get an opportunity to express their views and also they cannot experience the required flexibility in the job. Even if the employee is highly patient, there comes a time when one really finds it difficult to deal with an authoritative boss. As a result one loses interest in the job which in turn poorly affects one’s own standing in the organization. Therefore, to avoid mental tension and non performance, employees prefer quitting the job and switching to a new organization.
6. Work affecting health: Sometimes long working hours on job projects its bad impact on the health of the employees. Employees quit job when they find that their long working hours is affecting their health by giving them mental tension and stress. Backache, Bad eye sight, Headache, High or low Blood pressure, Anxiety are some of the general health concern which the employees experience due to long working hours. To avoid this impact, many employees take a break from the work for couple of months and then start afresh or some of them chooses another option where the working hours are less and flexible.
Apart from this there are many other general reasons due to which employees tend to leave their jobs. Poor relations with the management, non-performance on job, undesirably long commuting hours, poor and inefficient management, insecurity of job in longer run, getting bored of performing the same kind of role or activities, inadequate fringe benefits etc. works as some other reasons which forces the employee to quit a job.


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