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IT is the best job sector today.You got some skills today and lo! you are earning anything between 8-9 lakh a year, or about 12000 $( freshers). But what are the skills they are looking for?Are traditional languages like c,c++ working or has python,SQL,java taken over? which new formats have arisen?

IT- the future

IT or information technology is the trendsetter in today's age.it comes as no surprise that today in every country, be a developed one , as USA or a developing one like India, no job sector can attract as much manpower as does IT.

Nearly 90% of children who go to IIT( in india) try for the software sector which has a closing rank of 40. can you believe it , about 10 lakh children compete and only 10000 are selected, and out of them only 40 get the crown([i[/i] I know this because , i study at a coaching center which conducted a survey and in our city nearly 80-90% opted for IT as their dream job).

Ofcourse, today most companies would not look beyond these prestigious institutes to hire 'dependeble' people so do we stand a choice, other than take up less paying jobs which are served to us like morsels. read the story of the facebook bug finder who didnt have the fancy titles and made it big within weeks Anand prakash

jobs you should consider :

programming : programmers are respectable people in this industry, ofcourse not because they are brad pitts but because they earn huge. A 12 grand is a starter. But yes, programmers today must not be proficient only in a one language. when you serve an MNC you got to be proficient in many languages, basically c, c++,ruby,python etc should be mastered but ofcourse to stay ahead you must be aware and be able to program in some other languages:

1. go : An open source google language availed by cloud users. it is catching on in security and cloud developments

2 .scala : Any enterprise supporting Java is likely to vouch for scala.it is optimum for android, IDEs and the rest.

2. Security :
anything minutely related to security pays much and takes lesser time.it involves finding bugs, fixing them and getting pays.it involves designing firewalls and guard codes. it is hard to climb in this profession since you must be all ears to any new virus, any definition, any such thing that can hack your clients database. more importantly, it would be better to be a pro-hacker, since such a person can easily check where his system fails and can report better.

(IT is a highly demanding job, its requires time and continous learning. it is evolving every day,every hour ,every second even as i write. so frankly friends, its for those who dont want to settle down. I found 1000 programming languages and wrote only 2 which seemed to have an impact.)

Programming Languages

The main reason for IT's existence, guess is nothing more than mere simple languages. if you want to ,you must learn these c ,c++ , if nothing it would improve your versatality and would look to a X-gen employer. some other languages which you should consider are -
java and Sql which are best for making just about anything, be it from games to apps.

although there is no need for new languages yet because it is completely free and open-source ,not only are they openly downloadable but many programs can be built with a slightly different interface. Most programs are nothing more than the grass that grows on the roadside but still many survive and have become important especially to mobile platform developers who want a change from the java interfaces as it doesnt provide much and is less adaptible to new circumstances.

the main reasons for building new programs is :
1. to suit buisness requirements
2. to suit personal work
3. to generate chaos in your mind and mine.
4. leave it !

Anyway, programs make it up for development of your system interface , your firewall and your network too. There are a few sites that provide free c++ training.

The best Hubs and the hub makers

"1" .sillicon valley, san francisco bay area
"2".Vancouver canada
"3"Amsterdam ,Netherlands
"4" Boston ,USA
"5" Bangalore,India
"7" singapore
"8" LA orange county
"9"New york ,USA

Well lets say for a change, how many of tech hubs have not started at sillicon valley. it boasts of two prime tech leaders Google, Fb . The hubmakers are ofcourse these people who have made IT a sector worthwile of my 2 hours ( just a pj).

Why to be expected and what you can expect :

Ofcourse, IT can offer you only if you can offer something back to it. the basic skills in all programming languages is expected if you are to be a programmer. your clarity and knowledge of firewall and virus defs must be clear if you are to be a security analyst. But the inborn skills are worth considering. i have already said that IT is a highly competitive market. it picks creme-de-le-creme people who have the creativity to change what they have.
lets say about fb. mark zuckerberg must not have picked scums for his jobs. the jobs demanded intelligent people who could do more than calculations and desk job. they could think answers. so when mark asked what can we do to let people know each other reactions, the like button was invented. so on and so forth until today we can even post our reactions online. All an IT person requires is creativity and knowledge. you shouldn't be too happy though since creativity doesnt gurantee knowledge., and criteria for selection is based on degrees some of which can be gathered only if get into MIT,stanford or IIts, all of them have a low selection rate.

considering an average guy, the IT industry sure is a tough challenge, but if there is will you will find that anyone entering this industry,and working hard doesnt get unrewarded. basic fresher packages are 5k to 10k ( k meaning 1000s) whilst the top notch programmers,analyst,buggers get anywhere in 100 - 1000 grand for their 10-12 hours daily annually. An exhausting job but a rewarding one, guess you could save to buy a ferrari in some months.

Share your comments and suggestions for improvement below . Thankyou for reading this.


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