Why is our education system outdated?

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do you think our education system is outdated? With many dropped students like Mark zukerberg, bill gates, elon mush etc are getting success, we can tell the education system needs to be changed.


Many of us are now, used to the sight of children carrying “twice heavy” bags to school. The education system is indeed taxing and outdated. It is certainly not grooming the FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY, like the way, it should

Indeed, our education system gets a direct reference from British in the 19th century. Their main focus was to create a “similar” workforce which can be ready to serve their empire. Due to their own self-centered needs, they created an identical system which will make it easy for anybody to fit in any nook and corner of the world.

They gave no regard or respect to the qualities, skills and creativity with which children are highly known for. Hence, they didn’t recognize the same in their over-all education.
Considering the British ruled our country, we are still following the same education even in the 221st century.

Loads of career options for children of today

It is indeed surprising, but it is the fact that for children of today, there will be countless number of new career options driven by innovation in few years from now. Yes, we need to learn from today’s scenario where technology driven career options have started to create job openings. It relies heavily on skills and attributes where practical knowledge will act as the base and becomes a detrimental factor.

It is high time, that our system shouldn’t depend on “memorizing”. Sadly, the same outdated concept has become such a monotonous way of passing information from generation to generation. Yes, still today, the child’s intelligence is measured through the way he/she memorizes things.

It is unfortunate but it is the reality, that such a system needs serious makeover and demand immediate introspection. The way, we groom the future of India, they will respond accordingly. Currently, it is highly pathetic.

Teach for tomorrow

Education shouldn’t be based on certain specific skills; rather it should help to create researched based study and skills. For example, most of us now use “Google.com” to easily drive information from. I am not saying to leave the traditional system completely, but there should be certain changes in the system which favors more on doing research based information. It will indeed pave the way to gain education for real-world and also help them ascertain their knowledge in terms of quality.

There has to be scenarios where research based mechanism should be heavily enforced. Yes, I mean, the practice of “open book” concept in the examination isn’t hard to implement, same goes with using computers for research is absolutely fine.

Final thoughts

Education empowers an individual and makes him/her confident, knowledgeable and helps to live a life of dignity and respect. Certainly the concept “memorizing” has to pave the way for research based activities. So that, these children can study in a constructive and informative environment rather than just toiling like laborers with heavy bags and mugging things up. They need to gain education which help them for future, rather than passing their subsequent classes.


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