Working at Home from Internet

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Although the number of internet marketers, copywriters, bloggers and the like compete more and more in my country, but in fact the profession is still less popular among the public. Work as a blogger (I call it one) is not only underestimated, but not really seen.

Working at Home from Internet

I often experienced, any family or relatives who met me asked, "So how, do you have a job now?" Then there is another comment, "I'm sorry for you, I understand, it's hard to find a job these days. No matter how high the diploma we have, if there is no influential contacts at a company, it's hard ... But do not stop trying. " Patting my shoulder and looked at me with concern.
Although I replied, "Thanks, but I've chosen to pursue my hobby dwell on the internet, become a blogger." Some people will frown hear my words, and commented, "Well, I know today's internet era, but do not make you forget the time to find work. Writing on the internet or chatting can be done when you have leisure time. "
Well, again, there are still many people pessimists that focusing to become a blogger, copywriter, internet marketer or whatever work from home that have an erratic time, depending on us who set up and can be done while wearing pajamas and sat on the bed or in front of the kitchen table, is not a serious job that does not provide a future and not prestigious. This work is seen as a job for fun, just an activity to killing the time rather than unemployed.
This is maybe because what they know are most people still use the Internet outside of office hours just for a fun activity to fill spare time like interacting on social networks such as facebook, chat on skype or yahoo messenger, playing games or just simply open the email or read some articles.
They are not aware of who's behind the articles they read. Some people still think people who write these articles are people dressed in tie and complete office attire, otherwise people like that mostly just a part-timer. But those who 100% focus on it mostly looked like unemployment and wrote it in the bedroom :)
Some people still consider this work is not a profession. In their eyes, we still seen as a lazy unemployed who is sometimes wake up late because without them knowing we were often staying up all night to write when having a lot of ideas.
All because we do it without the whole neighborhood or people around us see we are working. And they very rarely see us leave the house to socialize because we 're struggling with our work, just like any other profession.
Just like some other independent workers, for us time is money! Because of ourselves that determines the size of our revenue. We did not have a salary slip, have no fixed salary. But we could have hours of work over 9 hours a day, depending on the decision of our own.
Most of us indeed do it from home, don't look go to work or busy pacing physically like other professions. Sometimes you don't see us have a work space in our house or have many papers of work, we visibly don't have a colleague or client who is physically present around us and interact, and we do not dress up like the people who work in the office. That is us, the bloggers, internet marketers, copywriters, and the like.


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12th Nov 2012 (#)

Great share on important earning matters....Thanks.

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