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How hard is it to get into the game design industry?


Game design is a very complex and far reaching category of career prospects. It covers everything from the writing of a game's story, to the creation of the artwork required, right down to the actual coding of the game itself.

Getting Started

To get started in the world of game design, an individual must have some experience in one of the aspects of creating a game themselves. The best way to do so is to actually get an intern position at a gaming company. Activision has proven to very willing to take in interns, as has Electronic Arts on occasion. Failing that, it's a simple matter for someone to get started creating their own games. Microsoft has released the XNA game studio which allows people to create games for Windows or the Xbox for free. The internet is full of resources for the prospective game creator, and if one can get a good portfolio of games under their belt, it can provide a great example to employers in the industry.

Creating the Art

Beyond actually creating the game through code, there are a myriad of other avenues to get into the business. Concept Artists are needed for games to create the artwork that brings the game to life. For 3d games, computer graphics experts are required to make the 3D models based on the artwork provided by the concept artists. Music is in modern times a must-have for video games, and not simple midi music like from the age of 8-bit games. Entire orchestras are employed to create musical scores for video games. All of these avenues provide a way into the industry.

Writing the Games

Perhaps the hardest way to get in is as a writer. Not many game companies hire solely writers, preferring to have someone already on the staff come up with the plot to games. This isn't to say it's impossible, just not very likely. You'd be more likely to get a job in the industry if you had another skill to your name, be it in programming or artwork.


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