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Like anyone, sometimes, I do not feel like putting out extra effort. That is when I get stronger in my efforts. Here it is, a formula:

U.S. Andersen and Success-Cybernetics

Once I read a story: U.S. Andersen once told of a story when he was a logger and felt like quitting because the work was "too hard" in his book "Success-Cybernetics". Then he happened into this small bodied Irish logger who did not quit and even told him, "when it hurts, that is when you keep going, some of your best efforts come when it hurts." So, Mr. Andersen got shamed into not quitting or stopping, and made more money than the superintendent of the logging camp literally according to him.

I retell and paraphrase this story, not to amuse, but to say, the extra mile and the genuine top of all efforts is where the real money is made. But, here is the question: Is it ever really crowded? Especially when "it hurts" instead of "it works", if you know what I mean. The best efforts come from realistically continuing and persisting where everyone else would quit.

In fact: Napoleon Hill told a story about R.U. Darby during the gold rush in the nineteenth century, and how they stop three feet from a fault line that would have netted them millions of dollars in gold had they persisted. The point to mentioning this is that smart persistence that does not genuinely give up, but simply adjusts course leads to goal achievement, while silly persistence or quitting leads to nothing. What I mean by silly persistence is not getting help when needed and doing worse than quitting, but proceeding without expert counsel when needed. So, let me mention that R.U. Darby sold his gold mining equipment to a junk man that went back to the Darby's gold mine, got a mining engineer and reaped millions of dollars from that mine.

Success, I admit, takes smart persistence and not genuinely quitting.


Through our efforts, we write our own genuine checks, and fill them out fully through our intelligently planned and worked efforts. If that one sentence is seriously considered, it is the key to success. But, if it is not seriously considered, and the concept of "pure luck" is seriously considered, that is the key to failure, even if you luckily "succeed" through not knowing how to succeed yourself.

For you must give something of value to get valuable genuine wealth in return. What I mean is, you cannot win the lottery luckily to genuinely succeed, or get an inheritance to succeed, or get lucky in any other way without knowing how to genuinely do it yourself. You must get the understanding in reality of how to genuinely succeed in your life.

Where irrationality ends and the blessings begin

Irrationality ends and blessings of genuine richness begin when you do not take what you have great already for granted. That is where the greatness begins. Napoleon Hill once said that being left out of his rich uncle's will was a blessing. I say, myself not being born in more fortuitous circumstances was a blessing, for I can develop fortuitous behavior through good habits. That is where irrationality ends as a matter of fact, when you start to take responsibility and act with genuine self-made sense. Now, I am not saying I am the poster-child for greatness or perfection, but I am saying that the road to greatness is fraught with self-responsibility and hard work that counts for real with a heart, and not just work for a paycheck or "something to do".

My Dad loved the work he did in construction and he genuinely wanted to pass on that work ethic to me in whatever I did, and he did that before he died with full support and understanding. I told him, "Ultimately, I want to be a writer who knows what they are talking about." He pretty much answered to put the passion I put into my work into that and you will be great. I agreed with him. Rationality is part reason and equal parts passion also, controlled into something that works genuinely. Without passion and cold logic, there is not any imagination. With only passion, only a brutish, swinish achievement is done, if at all. In short, there has to be balance on all fronts, or nothing really happens except either emotional or financial poverty, or both emotional and financial poverty. The point is, you want to be wealthy and satisfied in a balanced way that works for your soul, and being. That is where the blessings begin. After all, irrationality is always a lopsided thing. So, to be balanced is to be genuinely rational.

Where objective, existence God will show favor, the non-drifting soul that outwits the devil

Napoleon Hill's second book was released in 2011, but written in 1938. It shows a reality that is so basic and overlooked, that it could only be admitted now: The person without balance or purpose that drifts is a genuine loser. A person with a definite major purpose, balance and consciousness is a winner, no matter if they may be "getting there" right at the moment and without the outer trappings of winning yet.

I would like to give this warning: When I say the word God, and devil, I mean them in allegorical and metaphorical terms, not religious terms or connotations. I mean those words to show conditions and realities in metaphorical terms in an allegorical way. With that said, I say this: It takes an imagination balanced with genuine reality to genuinely succeed. What did it take to create all of our modern conveniences and even go past them anyhow to even greater things? Yes, yes, and yes! Imagination. That workshop of existence where greatness is born when used right. When used wrong, it is where sanity dies a gruesome death, usually in a hospital or psychological unit of a hospital or worse.

So, the mind, soul and spirit that does not drift in reality ends up great, but usually does not begin that way. All things have their root in an idea, the rest is up to actions and right persistence in those right actions. This is where all successful existence is, and what I understand God intended. In this sense, fear and the devil are nothing but shadows and show to make things a little more interesting. After all, if there were not any problems, better solutions cannot be made, and better things would not be needed. So, what does this have to do with writing your own check and going that extra, and privileged mile? Everything.

Think about the above seriously, and this next simple sentence that ends this section: The greatest profits come from finding a need, or a problem and then genuinely solving it or filling it powerfully and imaginatively.

What losers' are entitled to.

When I say "losers'", I do not mean the many hungry and sick around the world, or anything like that. I mean the people who think they are "entitled to" or "deserve" without earning. That is what I mean by the title of this section "what losers are entitled to". Mark Spitz, the Olympic games swimmer in 1972 before Michael Phelps did his thing in 2008 and 2016 put it best when he said "We all love to win, but who loves to train?" Entitlement is for losers, earning and genuinely being worthy is for winners. Oh, that is a little too basic. Perhaps if I made it Rube Goldberg cartoon interesting with all kinds of steps and work to it, it would be better instead of couching it all in reality.

The fantasy is that winning is hard, and losing is easier, because less is expected of you.

When you do not go for what you really want, and do something you do not want just for profit. The reality is actually harder in losing than it is in winning, is it not? But, many people in making a living barely instead of taking the risk in pursuing their genuine dream into reality get just that, a hard reality of watching those who do win, while they do lose instead of the fantasy of ease they foster by taking the "easier", less beneficial to self route and getting paid by "that winner who holds all the good cards". In the end, you determine reality for yourself, nobody determines reality for you.

I once read in Mike Hernacki's book about "The Ultimate Secret To Getting Everything You Want" that he went to a seminar a successful stockbroker was giving, and his answer to becoming successful was "I am willing to take the risk to become successful." The key to the door of success is rational risk to become a winner, not losers' entitlement and blaming. That rational risk determines your ultimate paycheck you write for yourself. Get it?

More reality

Sure, I could mince words and tell you that you are a victim, or I could ultimate activate you and make you stronger through my strong words and reality formulas. The victim thing is the selling point with most self-development programs, and then when you genuinely use them, they show you otherwise. That is, if you genuinely use them and do not just buy them for "trophy case values". What I mean by "trophy case values" is, you buy them just to say, "yes, I did this somehow and it did not work." You know, this is how you can have a knowledge base miles long and wet toilet paper thin. Get it, to get benefits, you must risk application and genuine unrelenting application of the knowledge to get to "miles of steel bar level" instead of miles of "wet toilet paper level". After all, Tom Vu, Wade Cook, Dave Del Dotto and even Donald Trump made their real money off of those not willing to work, those willing to work actually made their real estate money off them, if you know what I mean. The secret is combining smart and hard work into a genuine dynamo machine that does work. With that said, it may not be easy at times, but working it successfully sure is ultimately easier than being a not working failure that is entitled to less, is it not?

What makes a winner?

Ultimately, it is a persistently great attitude that makes a winner. Getting angry, closed and bitter, no matter how you try to spin it, makes a loser.

The genuine bum or loser is one that has no courage, persistence or (dare I say it in a short handed way:) guts to get bloody at times. I say the words "guts to get bloody at times" because that is what it sometimes takes to succeed in reality and life. Sometimes the risks we take work out, sometimes they do not. But the courage to try again and again until they do genuinely work is what separates the winners from the losers. Also, the courage to try harder until things work right is another factor. It is all ultimately an attitude, not anything fixed, not anything lucky, not anything "outwardly great that is given to us", but inwardly great that we develop, work on and make within ourselves.

It is not how we do in success that defines us, but how we respond to a crisis that really defines us. Because, when there are problems, that is the perfect time to shut down, shut off and weaken, right? If we are winners, that is wrong, dead wrong. If we are losers, okay that is right. Do you get my point with those last two sentences? Winning and losing are deep and shallow rooted attitudes. So the attitude makes a winner or a loser, really.

Success does not come from envy or vanity, genuine success comes from inside the consciousness of success. That is all, and nothing else outside that consciousness matters, not even temporary failures that lead to the permanent success. All temporary failure is honing and tempering to make the success in the right doses.

Start thinking, the instant that we stop justifying and stop fearing is when negative emotions and genuine failure die. It is that simple. Your good attitude not only heightens your paycheck, but ultimately writes it for you.


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