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Establishing a brand is essential in business whether it's a product or service you are offering.

branding is maintaining quality of product or service

It is not just enough to have a catchy name for your business. Most important of all considerations is the quality of the product and the satisfaction it gives to consumers. Once you have established the quality of your product, buzz will get around and people will naturally check out the product. If they like it, you can be assured of repeat buys but if they don't, then you will need to work hard to convince them to buy again. It is thus very important that branding is established even before the product is out in the market. Test it many times before you finally put it out there.

brand loyalty naturally happens, you will see

Product or service quality should be sustained and maintained. It doesn't end after its first market introduction. This happens to a lot of businesses. They put all the hard work and the good stuff the first time and slacken afterwards. This should be avoided because it will be very difficult to gain back the trust of people after they lose interest and trust in your product or service. Maintain the quality of your brand for as long as you exist. I'd been in the coaching and training service for several years now and ever since I got into this service I've seen to it that I give my best in all the services I deliver---coaching and training talents for competitions. This resolve has always yielded good results in the form of wins and awards to those I coach.

effect of a lifetime

Here is one concrete example of how establishing a brand can have a lifetime effect on your company. The other day I received a call from someone who wants to have her kid coached this summer. She said she got hold of a flyer promoting the service. So we met and after some amount of time, she asked, "Ma'am, don't you remember me?" I was taken aback and I looked hard at her and I tried so hard to remember but my mind just couldn't bring itself to remember. "No. So who are you?" Then she gave me her name, that once upon a time I had trained and coached her for a pageant, a "Miss_____" in which she won, and I said, "Oh, my God! You have put on weight and it's hard to recognize you, I am so sorry!" She told me that when she saw my name and telephone number on the flyer, she knew at once that my kind of service was what she needed for her child who is already six years old. It must have been fifteen years ago since I trained her and here she is coming back many years after for the brand that I had established.

branding is what keeps you in business

As a self-employed woman, I need to maintain the quality of service I have established since I started my coaching and training services many years ago. I see to it that I don't slack nor deliver mediocrity to my clients who are mostly upper class. This hard-headed resolve has kept me in business for many years.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
27th Mar 2012 (#)

I am a Self Employed person for many years now and have maintained a spotlessly clean record until a group of friends called me a Cyber Criminal which cost me my job and also ended up taking to me to court with a false accusation.
Now that is a Brand I have to work to cleaning and probably with a defamation suit as it is unbecoming and unethical in the eyes of the law wherein both the company who hosted the information and the parent provider are taken to task and finished with equal weightage.
I am still in the process of cleaning up my name as the same started just last week and now have mitigated the risk byt using proof from my side rather than hearsay.
Your brand creation is one, but brand perception is the other and that is what creates the market for you and once the perception is taken care of its the attitude and then the loyalty based on that.
Many can spoil a name, but only the ones who have no blame or admit their mistakes get the commendation they need as they Change for the better and that erases or clears the stain that has been created due to wrongful judgement of content.

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author avatar rarity
27th Mar 2012 (#)

It is so sad to know that some people with bad intentions or those who act with malice are out there ready to destroy anyone. I always believe in "karma." The real bad guys will get their punishment at the end of the day. Don't give up and continue to do what you believe is the right thing to do. People will always see your good work.

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author avatar Denise O
28th Mar 2012 (#)

rarity, good information for all to keep in mind as they create their brand. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar rarity
30th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you, Denise. That is very encouraging.

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author avatar Val Mills
30th Mar 2012 (#)

rarity, you are so right. Our son has a small espresso bar and has well and truly established his brand. As you saw for yourself, all the hard work reaps rewards and is eventually paid back. Good advice for all in small business, no matter what the focus is.

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author avatar rarity
30th Mar 2012 (#)

Val Mills, thank for your affirmation.

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