why im not the boss???

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this article i wrote about why i got the talent but the company dont see it!

why im not the boss????

have you been in a work so many years , have experience and want to climb the ladder of position to be the head of a department the real boss?You thought really I have the material and preparation for a management: head position is not easy and when you get promoted very fast this can create friction with teammates and here really begins the problems that are more common than you think . But more beyond what was said above, are you ready to be the boss?.

Even you think youre prepared to be the real honcho, to be a leader in your company sometimes people at resources department will evaluate some skills that you will have but dont show in everyday's activities,and you be frustrated some people with less attractive resume will climb very soon and you are the old guy in the tiny room?. Maybe this will be frustrated for you but think just one day why i didnt be considered for the leadership job.

Here's some of the evaluation skills resource manager use:

1. You don't have the appearance of a boss . It may seem superficial and unfair, but appearances count a lot since every workplace its about sell a perfect image . You can get away with pushing your office dress code to the limit, but it is likely to impact on the way in which people perceive you and what are the opportunities offered.

2. You're terrible with time agenda. Managers have to keep track not only of his work, but also to keep track of other people is too much. If you may not be aware of their own projects, your employer does not likely have faith that you will be able to supervise the work of an entire team.

3. I am shy and not very good in difficult conversations. A manager has to have difficult conversations, make decisions that may be unpopular, and enforce the rules and consequences. If they avoid conversations difficult, or vice versa, if you're too aggressive and confrontational in them - which probably won't be as Manager material.

4.Loves the gossip and a wise guy. Managers have to be impartial and objective - and not only that, it is necessary that appear prejudice also. If you have already crossed professional boundaries within the office, which will be difficult to rebuild those lines as Manager.

5. You don't know how to give priority. The managers have to look at a landscape of dozens of potential projects and identify the most important to spend time and resources and then focus on those goals without leaving that distractions occur. If you already have problems to find the best place to pass the time, problems will only aggravate.

6. Do not you know how to act as Chief Manager. The right of a person at one lower level is strong enough to cope with, the right of a Manager is even worse. No employer wants to deal with a manager who believes that his Department deserves a higher budget or more appropriations staff than anyone else, or that it is itself exempt from the policies and procedures that everyone has to follow.

7.You can't deal with your superiors. The ability to manage up becomes more and more important as you ascend the stairs. If you are not expert in the management of the relationship with his now - manager including communication, so get align expectations, and get what she needs in the way that she prefers him - likely to prevent him more high-level functions.

8. You're a complainer full time. Managers must have the maturity and perspective to understand how the policies that can be bothersome still serve the common good of the company. The judgement is also necessary to raise issues and professionally through the correct channels, rather than share them with anyone who listens to it.

9. You make their job functions and nothing else. Medium work can satisfy the requirements of his current job, but not enough so that you promoted. Promotions go to people who go above and beyond the minimum and seek ways to improve constantly.

10. You do not make visible achievements. You could be doing a great job, but if no one knows it, you will be not rewarded for it. So don't be afraid to share the achievements with its Manager, if it's rave of a client or a difficult problem to resolve before the damage caused.

Let's be real, being the boss isn't easy and it can be that your superiors have seen this in you and that are in the same position for a long time, but sometimes be the boss is not so easy evaluates if the disposal, the commitment you have to be what you want to be. Enjoy the Success.


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