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In Saudi Arabia, the working days will start from Saturday through Thursday. The day off will fall during Friday. The normal working hours are also eight hours per day. The worker is also paid an extra amount of wage for over-time: working hours equals the wage he/she receives in a re...
Can you get fired for complaining about your job on Facebook? Can you lose your job for an off-the-cuff remark about your boss? How Facebook is changing the workplace.
The worker should be physically fit to do the work when he/she was recruited for and should not be suffering from any diseases proved by a medical report issued for each worker from one of the specialized medical centers in the Kingdom, according to the applicable instructions made fo...
In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Labor Law is a comprehensive law which regulates all aspects of work relation. It is also a balanced law which provides for both workers and employers what is needed to regulate work relation between the two parties. The said law is applicable to al...
If you are leaving work you may be asked to sign a so-called 'Compromise Agreement'. This article looks at what exactly these are and explores some of the issues.
preschool teachers are doing how much responsible job and what is the value of them infront of others.
Know the basic principles about Ergonomics, facts, risks and application for a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.
Responsibility of Asst. Manager in company as per below
Responsibility of Human Resource Development in company as per below
Responsibility of Manager Operation in company as per below
Have you reached an age where you have to retire your job? What will your family live on if you cannot earn income? Here are some reasons why one shouldn't retire. Please read and enjoy!
Bullying comes in many forms and guises. It is not restricted by time, race, class or even location. Workplace bullying has been the subject of some debate that governments, HR directors and even employees themselves have tried to answer and find remedies for with limited success. ...
Gender issues still exist in the job. Much as we hate to acknowledge it your gender often does play a role in whether or not a company will hire you.
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