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Get a glimpse of evolution of employment law in UK from late 80's till now. How did these changes over period impacted related job-holders like employment solicitors.
Find out the latest 4 key-changes in employment law which will prove to be of interest to employment practitioners in UK.
Addiction is one of the most prevalent and costly issues affecting businesses today.
Page summary advise not how to be certain you have all the information you need it is essential that both the employer and the employee are aware of all details of there contract and what is expected of the employee
Government employees in India are fighting for "one rank one pay". But that would be unfair.
Indian government recently passed amendments to labor laws, allowing children above 14 to work, without considering in depth the implications it has for the country.
Las Vegas nevada has the worst employment laws in the nation. I thought working in a communist country was more prideful. Why don't they just go back to stone age. Stop disrespecting employees and keeping it all for themselves.
Firing someone isn't the most easiest thing for an employer to do. It's like eating gravel with mixed corn. Employers who have empathy find themselves in an uncomfortable situtation when it comes to firing. Yet it must be done. Following these ten steps will aleviate the emotional tra...
This is a page for All Enginneers-A party to Bring Revolution
Many people claim the military screwed them...that's rarely the case.
the story of a village boy. This story explains the boardwalk of a boy born in the village and his lumber of responsibility. (Financially and psychologically).
Unemployment situations have been a factor that has to some extend been hard to understand. In many developing countries, the problem exists and repeats itself on the same note.
As an employee you have rights under law that help make sure your working conditions are fair. But what are your rights? Read on and find out…
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Normally the work contract signed by the worker and the employer is terminated if the said contract specified period has ended. Likewise if both parties agreed to terminate the contract provided that the worker approval should be in writing.
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